Caravan Dealers in Northern Ireland

Where the Head meets the Heart

Your head says you need a caravan that’s durable, functional, comfortable, safe and secure. Your heart wants great looks and a great choice. With Swift Group you can have the best of both worlds with the backing of a company established over 50 years.

Swift Challenger
Swift Challenger

Best Caravan Dealers in Northern Ireland

Here you will find caravan dealers in Northern Ireland. Caravan dealers may sell new caravans and have pre-loved caravans for sale.

LPC Caravans

LPC CaravansLPC Caravans, Bangor, County Down
With over 20 years experience in the caravan trade, LPCs wealth of knowledge makes buying a caravan as easy as 1-2-3. Their premises at 5B Balloo Way has allowed them to expand their caravan range. This allows them to offer over 70 new caravans and used caravans to choose from. LPC Caravan dealers are the leading stockist of Swift, Sterling Sprite and Lunar Caravans in Northern Ireland . With unmatched attention to detail and customer service we believe that you will not be disappointed when buying from LPC Caravans. Leading the way in Leisure!

Cookstown Caravans

Cookstown CaravansCookstown Caravans, Cookstown
Cookstown Caravans Ltd is one of the UK’s premier caravan dealers, with branches in both Scotland and Ireland they simply offer the best products at the best price. Their dedicated staff have a wealth of knowledge and they pride themselves on offering the highest level of service to their customers.

Armagh Caravans

Armagh Caravan SalesArmagh Caravans, County Armagh
Armagh Caravan and Trade Sales offer a selection of Used Caravans at their location just outside Armagh, Northern Ireland. Most Caravans come with guarantee and service.

CJ Caravans

CJ Caravans buttonCJ Caravans, County Down
CJ Caravans  is a dedicated Caravan Repair Centre based in Newtownards, County Down.  They also buy and sell caravans.  Contact them for all your Caravan needs.

Burns Caravan and Motorhome Solutions

Burns Caravan and Motorhome SolutionsBurns Caravan and Motorhome Solutions, Banbridge, County Down
If you are selling your caravan or motorhome contact Johnny Burns and he will sell it for you. He will value it and get it ready for sale hassle free. Just sit back and count the dollars when sold. There is a small fee and only sell on your full consent.

Hagans Motorhomes

Hagans MotorhomesHagans Motorhomes, Ballyclare, County Antrim
Hagans Motorhomes are the largest suppliers of motorhomes for sale in the UK and Ireland. They specialise in quality new and used motorhomes and touring caravans. Hagan Motorhomes pride themselves on attention to details and customer service.

Hagan Motorhomes are the main dealers for Bailey & Swift, and all makes of quality used motorhomes and tourers.


  • Unique SMART Plus and SMART HT construction system
  • Rigorous safety testing at Millbrook and cold chamber testing down to minus 15°C and beyond puts prototypes through conditions most products will never have to experience in a life time, all part of the Swift ethos to deliver the best product possible to you
  • One piece 5000 Series marine grade aluminium side panels for good impact and corrosion resistance (GRP on Conqueror and Elite ranges up)
  • Assured build construction with a manufacturer backed, free 10 year bodyshell warranty as standard on all caravans


  • Significant advancements in design and storage that optimise your living and sleeping space and comfort
  • A host of money saving developments including improved fuel efficiency and use of low energy lighting
  • Truma dual fuel heating on Sprite Freedom, Sprite, Challenger and Eccles
  • Alde heating and hot water for optimum performance on Conqueror and Elite ranges up (optional on Challenger and Eccles)
  • Swift Command System, developed with Sargent Electrical, on Conqueror and Elite ranges up
  • Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to help shape the bodyshell for better fuel consumption and safer towing


  • Grade III classification of thermal insulation for all year round comfort
  • Swift AirWave or Cast bedding for ultimate comfort (Lightweight bedding on Sprite)
  • Sprung beech slats for comfortable seating and sleeping
  • Regency 100% bleach cleanable carpets designed to repel everyday spills, stains and dirt
  • Exclusive Duvalay Duvalite mattresses on fixed beds with memory fibre technology

Safety and Security

  • All Swift Group products are certified by the National Caravan Council to ensure they are both legal and safe
  • All Swift caravans have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval to ensure compliance with strict weight, dimension and safety requirements
  • Security including a Thatcham approved TRACKER system fitted as standard (all caravans except Sprite Freedom)
  • The self-powered TRACKER Retrieve system is one of the most effective tracking systems available, recognised by all police forces. Powered by its own battery, it is ideal while the caravan is in use or in storage. Activation of the system is via a specially negotiated annual subscription

Style and Choice

  • Modern desirable looks inside and out
  • Models from entry level to top of the range luxury to cater for a wide range of budgets
  • Caravan weights to suit a wide range of tow cars

Established for over 50 Years

  • Experienced company with over 50 years of manufacturing knowledge and dedicated long serving craftsmen
  • Europe’s No1 manufacturer of Caravans, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes
  • Swift Group undertakes what is probably the most extensive research and testing programme in the industry to ensure the design team can create products that set the industry standard for style, value and practicality
  • Recycling waste and reducing carbon emissions is a fundamental part of the Swift ethos and initiatives are always underway to achieve further improvements wherever possible
  • At the forefront of product design with exceptional style, inside and out, just wander into any Swift Group Dealership to see for yourself

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