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Rent Rebate – Get Cash Back

Find your best apartment by browsing online or by filling in our query form. Obtain a listing of houses based upon your requirements with move in specials, floor plans, photos, maps, schools and prices! Check out the properties as well as ensure to list Flats Rent Refund as your Home Locator on your Guest Card and Application, this will certainly guarantee you obtaining your Rental fee Rebate around $350. Likewise place the name of the locator that aided you. Relocate into your new area and also allow us recognize by filling out the Discount Claim Form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute. We Confirm your lease, Process the discount and Send your Rent Rebate to You. No extra waiting time or delays.

rent rebateHow does the rebate work?

Apartments rent out refund as a qualified real estate brokerage firm that helps apartment neighborhoods and also landlords discover you the occupant while helping you discover the ideal location for rent. Like all house situating solution and realtors we obtain a commission, also called a referral charge. Unlike many house finding firms, we discuss or commission with you by providing you Cash Back– Lease Discount.

How is the Rent Rebate Given?

Your Lease Refund will certainly arrive as a Visa Present Card or a Bank Check. Both the gift card or the check will have your name on it so you could use it and spend your Rent Rebate cash without additional actions on your component.

Just how Do I understand If I Receive The Rent Rebate?

Please review our straightforward Rent Rebate terms. Generally, if you rent a new house, tell the leasing representative that Apartments Lease Refund has actually assisted you to discover them, write the name of the agent and also company on all documents (family card and application) relocate into the apartment or condo and also live there for greater than 1 Month, you get approved for the Rent Rebate.

Just how Do I know If I will Obtain The Rent Discount?

Apartments Rent Rebate has actually helped nearly 100,000 tenants up until now. They have offered numerous $1000’s in rent rebates as well as develop a strong reputation for honesty, stability, as well as commitment to their customers.

In the event that I Utilized At least One Discovering Solution Will I nevertheless Get A Rent Rebate?

That’s right, you should obtain your rent rebate from the service which has really helped you find the home you leased if you specified them as your referral source on family card, application and vocally allow the renting staff know that helped you. Please keep in mind that you ought to claim the Rental fee Discount from just one situating company.

Is There A Cost To The Rent Rebate Program?

No, there is no charge to the Rent Rebate Program. You don’t have to pay anything. The Rent Rebate program is a complimentary program that pays you to move as a thank you for utilizing our solution.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Rental fee Refund Inspect?

Usually you will get your rent rebate check between 4 to 8 weeks from your move-in day. Truth to be told, sometimes it may take less time and other cases a bit much more. Times mainly rely on the recommendation cost handling by the flat neighborhood you rented out. We do our best to minimize the time to as short as possible and also we maintain you updated throughout the entire procedure.

Have a concern concerning the fantastic Lease Discount Program? Just make a call to 214-230-7368 or visit and leave a note.

Apartments Rent Rebate assist individuals to receive rent rebate and locate as well as rent houses.