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On Hold Music

Does on hold music and marketing provide any real value to my business?
Yes, very much so. The statistics speak for themselves:

70% of calls are placed “On-Hold” for 30 seconds or longer, leaving a caller on “Silence Hold” results in a staggering 75% call abandonment rate! The majority of these callers will not call back again.

Of 10,000 customers placed on-hold for ONE minute with SILENCE…

  • 70% hung up within the minute
  • 10% when questioned estimated their time on-hold as 5 minutes!
  • 17% estimated 3 minutes
  • 3% estimated more than 1 minute

10,000 customers placed on-hold for ONE minute with MUSIC & MESSAGES…

  • 2% hung up within the minute
  • 81% when questioned estimated their time on-hold as less than 1 minute!
  • 16% estimated more than 1 minute
  • 1% estimated more than 2 minutes

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Newcastle County Down

About Newcastle County Down

Newcastle Information

Newcastle County Down is renowned as the premier seaside town of Northern Ireland which famously was sung about by the popular Percy French who penned the infamous “… where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea”.

Mountains of Mourne
The Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea

Newcastle County Down is a small town on the coast in the Dundrum Bay. It had a population of 7,444 people recorded in the Census of 2001. The extremely popular seaside resort lies on the Irish Sea coast at the base of the tallest mountain in Northern Ireland, namely Slieve Donard, one of the striking Mourne Mountains. Newcastle Co Down is renowned for its most beautiful sandy beach and the famous Royal County Down Golf Club beside the Slieve Donard Hotel. Newcastle Co Down is under the control of the Down District Council area.

Central Promenade
Central Promenade in Newcastle County Down

Newcastle promotes itself as the activity resort for Northern Ireland and a meeting place for car, bike and lorry rallies, its most special attribute is its location at the foot of Slieve Donard of the Mourne Mountains.

Popular seaside resort, Newcastle
The ever popular Newcastle

Newcastle County Down has benefited from a multi million pound upgrade to the promenades which helps to make the beach a high quality seaside attraction which is more accessible for seaside visitors.

Spire in Newcastles Central Promenade
Look towards the summit of Slieve Donard

The name of the town Newcastle in County Down is thought to derive from a castle which was demolished in the 19th Century and originally built by Felix Magennis in the late 16th century, which stood at the mouth of the Shimna River. Although the town has been mentioned by the name of Newcastle as early as 1433, so it is likely that another castle had previously stood at that location.

In the 17th century, Ulster ports began to rise in prominence. William Pitt was appointed as Customer of the Co Down ports of Newcastle, Dundrum, Killough, Portaferry, Donaghadee, Bangor and Holywood in 1625.

On 13th January 1843, boats from Newcastle County Down and from Annalong also in Co Down set out for the usual fishing locations, and were caught in a ferocious gale. 14 boats were lost in the heavy seas including a boat which had gone to the rescue. Only two boats survived the storm, the Victoria and the Brothers. 76 men perished in the disaster, 46 of whom were from Newcastle County Down. They left twenty seven widows, 118 children, and 21 dependants  A Public Subscription was raised and the cottages, now known as Widows Row in Newcastle, were built for the widows and dependants of the perished Newcastle men. A line of a local song about the fishing disaster says “Newcastle town is one long street entirely stripped of men

In 1910 Harry Ferguson flew a small plane across the Newcastle County Down beach in one of the first engine powered flights by aircraft in all of Ireland. Harry completed the flight in an attempt to win a £100 prize from by the town for the first powered flight along the Newcastle strand. His first take off ended badly, but according to a newspaper report “He flew a distance of almost three miles along the foreshore at a low altitude varying between fifty and five hundred feet”. This event is recorded by a granite plaque on the promenade behind the Tropicana.

Information about Newcastle County Down is available on signs throughout the forests and hills. The Mourne Mountains is the setting for many local myths and legends. There are stories of The Blue Lady, a woman abandoned by her husband who’s ghost still haunts the mountains of Mourne, and more recently the idea of a great wild cat living in the Mournes. Many of the stories are merely folklore although they may have true origins and have gave many of Newcastle’s attractions their names, such as: Maggie’s Leap being named after a local girl called Maggie, who leapt over the impressive chasm to her death while fleeing soldiers with a basket of eggs. Many other places in the Newcastle County Down area get their names from other sources,The Brandy Pad, a popular spot in the mountains is named so because of the illegal brandy smuggling that took place through the area. Another example would be the Bogey Hill just above the Newcastle harbour at the Southern end of the town, which is named after the carts (bogies) that carried Mourne granite from the quarry on Thomas’ Mountain down to the harbour. In 1897, T.R.H the Duke and Duchess of York (George V and Queen Mary), grandparents to Queen Elizabeth II, visited Newcastle Co Down to open the Slieve Donard Hotel. Afterwards they visited Hugh Annesley, 5th Earl Annesley at Castlewellan Castle.

Population of Newcastle County Down

Newcastle is classified as a small town by the NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) (population between 4,500 and 10,000 people). On the Census day in 2001 (29 April 2001) there were 7,444 people living in Newcastle County Down. Of these:

  • 23.5% were aged under 16 years and 21.7% were aged 60 and over
  • 47.4% of the population were male and 52.6% were female
  • 69.3% were from a Catholic background and 28.4% were from a Protestant background
  • 4.1% of people aged 16–74 were unemployed.
New Castle Ireland map location
Newcastle County Down, N. Ireland map

Newcastle County Down is a popular seaside resort and attracts visitors from all over Northern Ireland and from further away. The new Newcastle promenades have won a number of National awards including a Civic Trust Award for Excellence in the Public Realm. In recent years, Newcastle town has started a large Halloween festival (Hallotides), with a carnival-like atmosphere. The free event includes fireworks and a fancy dress competition. Newcastle is home to Northern Ireland’s largest mountain Slieve Donard which is in the beautiful Mourne mountain range.

Visitors come in order to walk in the Mourne Mountains, made famous by the song by Percy French, to play golf at Royal County Down (the venue for the 2007 Walker Cup), or to just stroll up the promenaded and relax on the sandy beach, possible to have ride along the beach on a donkey or a pony. The town is famous for:

  • Slieve Donard Hotel – a four star hotel at the North end of Newcastle, which has held host to many famous people
  • Royal County Down Golf Club – The golf course in the town is one of the ten best in the world, and is said to be one of Tiger Woods’ favourite golf courses.
  • Mourne Granite – which was quarried here for many years and shipped all round the world. It was used to make paving stones in many cities including London and New York. Mourne granite is also being used to make the base of the 9/11 memorial in New York.

Accommodation in Newcastle County Down

There are many places to stay in Newcastle County Down including: Camping in Newcastle; Bed and Breakfast in Newcastle; Self Catering in Newcastle and Hotels in Newcastle. Hotels in Newcastle are available from the Avoca Hotel and the Southern end of town to the Slieve Donard Hotel at the Northern end of the town.

Design Your Website

Every person must read all beneficial factors to design your website. There are many factors to consider when designing your concept by which you can look with originality because uniqueness is the one of the factors by which the concept of a website can get a lot of number of fame or rank in the competitor market. Because there are a lot of websites situated in the market with different niches, it is related to organization if you want to create a niche website, then you must consider your niche website competition in you mind during Designing your web page, so there are a lot of factors related to creating originality in website designing that is given below.

Theme Base Website Design

If you are of designing a website then you must think more about the concept with your competitors. When you consider your competitors concept you will create a different and unique website design, our website design team offers many way to choose your concept with your business, you can choose your concept related your business and can provide the unique concept for your website design.

Colourful Design

During the creation of website clients must consider their corporate identity colours along with a combination of other relevant information which will provide the unique look and create good looking website, therefore the colour choice is the most important initial part of website designing. Our website designing team offers a lot of combination of colour choices by which we can choose different shades with chosen website concept. As we know that a photo can describe a thousands words, we can describe a lot of words with a photo, graphics or logo, so we must to use quality colour images during the site creation.

SEO: Search  Friendly Website Design

During the website designing we must create a design which is search engine optimization friendly. We look at the routing framework used by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to ensure that they can read your website and can provide one hundred percent value to your all web pages, so we must use good routing framework. Our website designing team provide the quality hierarchy and structure for the framework during website design for your company’s website.

Our website designing team offers a good looking fresh and unique web designs to design your website during the website designing, so we are offering Search Engine friendly website Designing without any extra or hidden cost.

What Can You Gain From Responsive Web Designing?

Shopping on the Internet has certainly caught on. With even mobile phones and other Internet Ready gadgets being chosen for Internet usage, individuals seem to be obtaining the online information from a variety of different gadgets. Research shows that a significant number of individuals use their smart phones or tablets to access information online rather than a traditional PC or Laptop computer. With these convenient Internet enabled gadgets and devices, individuals have started using the Internet even when they are on-the-go. So if your web page is not prepared to match the displays of these hand held gadgets, you could be dropping out on useful clients.

Resposive Website Design
Mobile ready responsive website designs eliminate the need for separate costly and difficult to maintain websites.

Responsive Web Designs are the most major solution for website’s performance on different display devices. In brief, Responsive Web Design removes the need for developing and building an individual web page to fit different screens; only one web page is designed and developed such that it rearranges and resizes itself to fit the display size of a wide range of gadgets without dropping it’s performance. See Mobile Ready Websites for more information.

Benefits of a Sensitive Design

1. Better Screen Compatibility:

Website Responsive Design will allow your web page to fit into the display of any system and still display correctly. The web page still provides all its features and the only difference is that the information displayed on the screen is visible and usable by the website visitor. An excellent online consumer experience will definitely generate you better results for interaction and website conversions.

2. You do not have to cut your content:

Previously companies used to create a mobile friendly edition of their unique web pages. These mobile ready editions were created to fit tiny mobile phone displays, but in the process a lot of important and useful information and material gets snipped off. With sensitive styles, you can rest confident that your entire material is viewable on all Internet ready gadgets. This is obtained by using percent instead of pixels for image and column widths. Minimum and maximum sizes for columns are also enforced to enable columns to display one below the other or side by side depending on the display width.

3. Centrally handled content:

With you design your website with sensitive styles you do not need to make several up-dates on different sites, each suitable for a different system types. You can easily upgrade to a mobile friendly responsive website design and apply changes on only one website and it would be shown on all the different Internet Ready devices.

4. Helps you keep your style brief and lean:

When you plan to design your website and style for a sensitive web page you are compelled to pay attention to only the requirements as it has to be viewed on even the tiniest phone display with only 320×240 pixels. This will aid you in developing trim, to-the-point and accurate styles for your website. Trim sites fill quicker, so sensitive styles will give you the advantage of a rapid recognition when you design your website.

5. Canonical Labels

Responsive Web Designs allow you to use only one web page on different Internet Ready devices, eliminating the need for making individual sites which need canonical labels on webpages to avoid copy material charges. It can still be useful to have a canonical label in the head tags of a webpage if it can be reached by various URL’s as with URL rewriting and Mod ReWrite enabled on the web server.

6. Eliminate Individual Apps

It is true that website system producers can force for or enhance their own apps and distribution systems. Should you have to build applications across different producer systems it would be an expensive event and a lot of hassle getting them approved and published in the marketplace. Whereas the online version of your website is available to everyone and is the same information on all devices being used, so the best option is to use the online information and ensure that your web page is sensitive enough to fit different devices when you design your website content.

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